Brewers: 3 Below Slot Players To Target In Round 1 Of 2023 MLB Draft

If the Brewers pick one of these players 18 overall, they could be saving money for later picks

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One of the major differences between the MLB Draft and the NFL and NBA Drafts is that teams are not able to trade up and down to get the players they want. There's a slotted bonus pool system and teams are able to manipulate that pool however they like. Players can get more money than their bonus recommends or they can receive less.

Some might question why a player would sign for a bonus that's lower than their slot value, but players set asking prices for what they're looking for and if a team meets it, and it makes them a first round pick, why not take it?

The reason why teams might "reach" for a player deserving of a lower bonus with their first pick is to save bonus pool money that they then plan to use on later selections that will command higher bonuses than their slot value is worth.

Last year, the Brewers took Eric Brown in Round 1 as a below-slot target, saving money they used to sign Jacob Misiorowski in the 2nd round.

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The Brewers could go the below-slot route again in 2023. If they do, here are three players they could target in Round 1.

Below-slot player to target in the first round #1: OF Jack Hurley, Virginia Tech

The Brewers love college bats, and it's likely they go that route again in Round 1 this year. Virginia Tech's Jack Hurley is a very talented one from the next tier of college hitters. He could potentially be a 5 tool talent in the big leagues.

A left handed hitting outfielder, Hurley was on Team USA and is an athletic centerfielder with really good speed. Those characteristics play well in the Brewers draft model and he's someone they're sure to like.

Where the Brewers sit in the Draft at 18 overall, there's the "second tier" of college bats that is likely to have at least one player make it to Milwaukee's selection. If someone from that tier that includes Matt Shaw, Tommy Troy, Jacob Gonzalez, Enrique Bradfield, and Brayden Taylor remains on the board, the Brewers are likely to take them instead. But if there's a run on the college bats and the ones from that tier that they like are gone, they could simply move to the next tier of college hitters.

There's a decent chance that Hurley could be available to the Brewers at 33 overall in the Comp A round if they don't take him at 18.