Brewers: 3 Below Slot Players To Target In Round 1 Of 2023 MLB Draft

If the Brewers pick one of these players 18 overall, they could be saving money for later picks
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Below slot player to target in the first round #3: SS Brice Matthews, Nebraska

I'd probably consider this the least likely scenario of the three here, but Brice Matthews makes a lot of sense for the Brewers. He'd almost assuredly be there at 33, but he's a player who's been rising up boards of late and there's a chance he won't make it there, which could force the Brewers to take him at 18 if they really want him.

Brice Matthews checks a lot of boxes for the Brewers. He's a plus athlete, with incredible speed and range that allows him to stick at shortstop long-term. The bat is legit, Matthews posted a 20-20 season this year for the Cornhuskers and hit .359 while doing so. He has a full tool set, hits the ball with authority, and has speed for days.

The Brewers also love multi-sport athletes, and Matthews was the starting quarterback in high school back in Texas.

MLB Pipeline ranks Matthews their 57th best prospect in the Draft. It would certainly seem like a reach, which is why he'd be signed for way below slot if he's the pick at 18 overall, but keep in mind last year Eric Brown was ranked 63rd and they selected him 27th overall. Matthews has also been rising quite a bit since Pipeline's last re-rank.

The uber-athleticism, the speed, the ability to stick at shortstop, and the impact bat potential give Matthews a very high ceiling and if their preferred top crop of college bats are gone by the time they get on the clock, Matthews is sure to be available and could be a cost-saving option to use on other high ceiling picks at 33 or even later.