Brewers: 3 Bold Trade Proposals To Get Shohei Ohtani To Milwaukee

If Ohtani is on the market, the Brewers might as well try
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The hottest name in baseball is Shohei Ohtani. There are many reasons for that. His prowess as a hitter, as a pitcher, the fact that he's arguably the best player in baseball history, and the fact that the Los Angeles Angels might trade him.

The Angels have thoroughly wasted Ohtani's prime, just like they've done with Mike Trout. Ohtani is a free agent at the end of the year and the Angels once again are on the outside looking in on the playoffs. Rumors have it, the Angels are open to trading Ohtani.

This would not be a typical rental, because you're not acquiring a typical player. Reports are, in return for Ohtani, the Angels are seeking Top 100 prospects. Plural. It just so happens the Brewers have multiple Top 100 prospects in their farm system.

Now there are a lot of reasons why the Brewers being the team that lands Shohei Ohtani is unlikely. First, it's unlikely the Angels even trade him to begin with. Second, there are a lot of other teams who will want him and the Brewers don't win a lot of bidding wars. Third, the Brewers have no shot at signing Ohtani to a long-term deal, so they would know it's a pure rental and may not want to part with their Top 100 prospects just for a couple months of one player.

But, again, this is Shohei Ohtani. This will be the only opportunity a team like the Brewers has at acquiring one of the best to ever play the game. The Brewers were heavily involved in trade talks for Juan Soto last year and were willing to part with the prospects to get a franchise changing player.

The Brewers are at the very least, likely to check in on Ohtani's market to see what it would take to get the two-way superstar to Milwaukee. There's a very strong chance the Brewers aren't willing to part with their top prospects just for a rental. They were willing to get involved in the Soto market because he had 2.5 years of control, not 2.5 months. If they do get involved, what could it take to land Ohtani in a Brewers uniform?

Based on what the Angels are looking for, here are a couple of trade proposals that the Brewers could make to Los Angeles to make the bold move to get Shohei Ohtani.

Trade Proposal #1: C Jeferson Quero and OF Sal Frelick to the Angels for Shohei Ohtani

This would be a heavy cost to the Brewers, taking two of their top three prospects for a couple months of Ohtani. Frelick is a top 20 prospect in all of baseball and Jeferson Quero isn't far behind. Quero's arguably the Crew's best performing prospect this year, hitting .294/.371/.509 with 13 homers in Double-A Biloxi.

These two prospects being included in the trade would be a very good return for Los Angeles with their pedigree, high ceiling, and proximity to the big leagues.

The Brewers have William Contreras behind the plate and he's under team control through the 2027 season. The catcher position is well taken care of, so Milwaukee could afford to include him in trade talks. While they certainly won't look to part with him for just anyone, Ohtani is not just anyone.

Frelick could be in a similar situation. With Joey Wiemer and Garrett Mitchell in the fold, along with the new and improved Christian Yelich, the Brewers could afford to lose one of their outfield prospects in a trade. Although, again, the Brewers won't be looking to deal Frelick, they could lose him and still be fine in the outfield. Plus, Milwaukee still keeps Jackson Chourio in this deal, so centerfield should be more than handled.

If the Angels want multiple top 100 prospects for Ohtani, this kind of package from the Brewers could intrigue them. But let's look at a couple other possibilities.