Brewers: 3 Bold Trade Proposals To Get Shohei Ohtani To Milwaukee

If Ohtani is on the market, the Brewers might as well try

Los Angeles Angels v Milwaukee Brewers
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Trade Proposal #2: RHP Jacob Misiorowski and OF Sal Frelick to the Angels for Shohei Ohtani

One of the many reasons the Angels haven't been able to make the playoffs in recent years is because they haven't had any good pitching. They've tried to remedy their pitching woes in recent years, but with little luck. Jacob Misiorowski should be of interest to them then in trade talks.

It would be quite difficult for the Brewers to part with Misiorowski though, but in this scenario, Milwaukee holds on to Jeferson Quero and swaps in their top pitching prospect. The Angels have catchers as the top two prospects in their system currently, so Quero may not be a priority for them.

Misiorowski has taken the prospect world by storm this year because of his blazing fastball and incredible pure stuff, not to mention the fact that he's doing this at 6'7" tall. The Angels don't have a single pitcher in their system with the kind of stuff and upside that Misiorowski does. That could partly be because the Angels have proven to be sub-par at developing pitching. Regardless, they should be interested in the Brewers' towering righty.

Sal Frelick has dominated the minor leagues up until this year. He wasn't off to a strong start in 2023 and then he suffered a thumb injury. Since his return, Frelick hasn't performed to his old standards. It could simply be a hiccup, and it hasn't impacted his prospect status yet. But if this down stretch continues, it might.

This package gives the Angels the top pitching prospect they desperately need an someone who can instantly be an impact bat atop the lineup. While the Brewers would be losing out on their best pitching prospect and best hope to replace Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff in two years, the chance to win a World Series with them with Ohtani added is greater than they've ever had.

There's one more proposal that could get Ohtani to Milwaukee.