Brewers: 3 Bold Trade Proposals To Get Shohei Ohtani To Milwaukee

If Ohtani is on the market, the Brewers might as well try
Los Angeles Angels v Milwaukee Brewers
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Trade Proposal #3: OF Jackson Chourio to the Angels for Shohei Ohtani

Now, keep in mind, this isn't to say that the Brewers *should* do this, but it would certainly be bold and very interesting.

While the Angels did say they wanted multiple top 100 prospects for Ohtani, they would be getting a consensus Top 3 prospect in all of baseball in this deal, which is not a deal any other team can offer, unless the Reds are willing to part with Elly De La Cruz or the Orioles with Jackson Holliday.

The Brewers aren't likely to offer up Chourio either, but it would allow them to acquire Ohtani while keeping four of their five Top 100 prospects. Yes, they'd lose the best one in Chourio, but a chance at Ohtani could end up being worth it.

A straight up, one for one deal involving players of this magnitude would seem unprecedented. Then again, a player like Ohtani is unprecedented and a trade of him even more so. It depends on what the Angels are looking for. Do they want quality or quantity? Given LAA's need for players at several positions, opting for quantity may be the smart choice.

If they're going to lose a star in Ohtani, they may be better off trying to replace him with a star, and Chourio has star written all over him.

The Brewers would be trading their superstar of the future for three months of a superstar now. It doesn't sound like a trade that Milwaukee would be willing to make, especially knowing they won't sign Ohtani long-term. But it's a bold idea that could just maybe deliver the Brewers their first World Series.

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