Brewers: 3 Brewers Players Who Will Be Better In 2023 and 2 Who Won't

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Brewer who won't be better in 2023 #2: OF Tyrone Taylor

Tyrone Taylor has had an interesting career. An early draft pick in 2012, Taylor didn't make his MLB debut until 2019 and has slowly started to gain some playing time over the past few years. Yet the Brewers continue to acquire other outfielders to play above Taylor despire Taylor putting up solid numbers.

In 2022, Taylor finally got the chance to be an everyday starter after the DFA of Lorenzo Cain. Taylor showed some power in 120 games but overall struggled to be a consistent hitter and failed to secure a starting job going forward. He fell into a slump with some home runs peppered in that brought his season total up to 17 long balls.

By the end of the year, Taylor gave way to Garrett Mitchell in centerfield and Mitchell is likely to be the starting centerfielder in 2023. Right field is now the open spot for Taylor to get some playing time. But the Brewers have a couple more outfield prospects that will need big league playing time and who are they going to take it from? Probably Tyrone Taylor.

His power numbers were solid but it'll be difficult for Taylor to repeat that performance in 2023. If everything goes according to plan with the youngsters, Taylor is unlikely to play in 120 games this year. Even if things don't go to plan with the prospects, Brian Anderson has outfield experience and will spend time out in right field to give all the infielders the Brewers have their share of ABs, meaning Taylor again likely won't reach 120 games played. That also means he likely won't get back to 21 doubles or 17 homers.

The Brewers moved Hunter Renfroe this offseason and didn't bring in another established veteran for right field because they were clearing room for their young outfield prospects. Taylor is a stopgap until they're ready, but he won't be blocking them. Even if he has a career year in 2023, Taylor likely won't be keeping that starting right field job for very long.

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