Brewers: 3 Crucial Team Needs To Address In 2023 MLB Draft

The Brewers HAVE to address these areas in the Draft
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Brewers Draft Need #2: Corner Infield

Telling the Brewers to address their corner infield depth might as well be an exercise in futility. For years, the Brewers have lacked organizational depth at the corner infield spots and for years they have neglected to address those positions early in the Draft.

That's why it's been a rotating cast of disappointing options at third base and first base the past several years. Sure, shortstops with strong arms or home run power can move to third base or even first base. Shortstops can move anywhere on the diamond, which is why teams draft shortstops early and often. Sometimes, though, the players that are already on the corner infield fit the offensive profile the best.

The earliest the Brewers have drafted a third baseman recently was the third round in 2021 with Alex BInelas, who was traded away a few months later. Milwaukee hasn't drafted a first baseman in the first round since Matt LaPorta in 2007.

This year's draft class is actually very well stocked with corner infielders on Day 1. Nolan Schanuel is the only first baseman worth taking in the first round, but he's a hit-over-power prospect, which is rare for a first baseman. He put up stupid good numbers for Florida Atlantic this year. At third base, there's TCU's Brayden Taylor, Miami's Yohandy Morales, Wake Forest's Brock Wilken, and Virginia's Jake Gelof. The Brewers would have their pick of the litter of potentially all of these prospects at 18 overall.

The Brewers prefer up the middle players and avoid players who are already moved to a corner spot in the first round. It makes some sense, prioritizing the players who can stick at premium positions. At the same time, continually neglecting these very important positions in the Draft is having ramifications at the big league level and perhaps it's time to make a slight change to the Crew's strategy and bring in some corner infield talent.