Brewers: 3 Juicy storylines to watch in this weekend's matchup against Orioles

The three game slate against Baltimore is full of things to keep an eye on
Seattle Mariners v Milwaukee Brewers
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Juicy Storyline #3: Rhys Hoskins potentially facing Yohan Ramirez

The Orioles added another juicy storyline to this series shortly before it's beginning. On Thursday, the Orioles acquired reliever Yohan Ramirez from the New York Mets in exchange for cash considerations. Ramirez was the reliever who threw behind Hoskins' head after tensions boiled over the day before on a Hoskins slide into Jeff McNeil.

Now Ramirez is going to potentially face the Brewers once again and potentially face Rhys Hoskins once again. Ramirez could get activated sometime this series and Baltimore could call upon him in any of these three games.

Hopefully Ramirez isn't going to continue with any ill will towards Hoskins. The Orioles don't have beef with Hoskins as far as anyone is aware and coming off a suspension and DFA, Ramirez likely wants to be on his best behavior with his new club.

Still, the opportunity for these two competitors to face off against each other so soon after the last time they saw each other will surely cause some feelings to be had. If Hoskins ends up facing Ramirez this weekend, you can bet he's going to want to get a hit in that at-bat more than any other.

If Hoskins takes Ramirez yard this time, is he going to take another 34 second home run trot? Who knows? That's what makes this potential matchup so intriguing now that Ramirez is an Oriole.