Brewers: 3 Moves That Still Need To Get Done Now That The Winter Meetings Are Over

The Brewers checked some things off the to-do list, but there's still more
Nov 8, 2023; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Milwaukee Brewers general manager Matt Arnold speaks to the media
Nov 8, 2023; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Milwaukee Brewers general manager Matt Arnold speaks to the media / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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The Winter Meetings wrapped up earlier this week and the Brewers checked off some boxes on their offseason to-do list. They signed Jackson Chourio to a long-term extension, they brought back a veteran leader in Wade Miley, and added to the pitching depth with Joe Ross.

Those were some important moves, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The Brewers have a lot more work to do this offseason and some big needs to address.

The Brewers have laid the foundations for their next moves, but now that the Winter Meetings are over, soon they'll need to get those moves across the finish line. The next week or two after the Meetings are some of the busiest in terms of transactions.

Here are three things the Brewers need to do next following the Winter Meetings.

1. Trade from the outfield surplus

The Jackson Chourio contract extension is exciting as the Brewers have secured a major piece of their future. His contract also means that his odds of making the Opening Day roster just massively improved and when he does arrive, he'll command a lot of playing time. Milwaukee's incumbent outfielders are left fighting for a dwindling number of available at-bats.

Joey Wiemer, Garrett Mitchell, and Sal Frelick are all starting-quality outfielders and the Brewers only have one starting outfield spot left up for grabs. Rumors came out of the Meetings that the Brewers were fielding trade offers on their surplus of outfielders and it's easy to see why. These players are valuable and the Brewers have other needs to address.

Those other needs include both corner infield spots and pitching depth. Trading from an area of strength to fix an area of weakness is just good roster management.

As for which outfielder it could be that's traded, Joey Wiemer seems like the logical choice. He's coming off a struggle-filled rookie year but his stock is still pretty high. He has shown he can capably play centerfield and his power is enticing. Wiemer's a former 4th round pick while the other two outfield prospects he came up with were first round selections. With so much more invested in Mitchell and Frelick by the club, they may be more apt to keep them and part with Wiemer.

Mitchell is also a potential trade candidate, coming off a season that was mostly wiped out by injury. He has star potential for teams to dream on, and should be worth quite a lot if traded, but coming off the injury may dampen his value in the eyes of other teams, which could lead Milwaukee to hold on to him.

Frelick was the highest ranked prospect of these three and had the most successful debut season. It's highly unlikely that Frelick is the outfielder that gets moved.