Brewers: 3 Prospects To Keep At All Costs, 2 To Gamble With In Trade Talks

Buying at the deadline is going to involve some prospects being traded away

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Brewers Prospect To Gamble With In Trade Talks #2: OF Hendry Mendez

The Brewers have had a lot of success with young, international players in recent years, especially in the outfield. Hendry Mendez has certainly been one of them and he has shown some serious potential. He's already reached High-A as a 19 year old and had a successful first season stateside last year.

Mendez is ranked as the Crew's #13 prospect by MLB Pipeline. He's missed a lot of this season due to injuries, but is due back in High-A soon. With such a deep group of outfield prospects already in the system, the Brewers will be able to withstand trading from that depth to acquire help for the big league club at the deadline.

While there's certainly a high amount of upside with Mendez, the Brewers will need to risk losing some upside in these prospects to get what they need from other teams. Even if Mendez turns out to be a really good player, Milwaukee should be just fine in the outfield.

Mendez doesn't strike out much and draws plenty of walks, which is exactly what you want to see in a young hitter, even though he doesn't hit for much damage. The description of his bat sounds similar to what Luis Lara is doing in Low-A right now. However, Lara's currently hitting .300 at Low-A while Mendez hit .244 at the level. It's been tough to get a good grasp on Mendez this season because of injuries.

Still, another team could sense the upside in Mendez and see the depth at his position in the Brewers system and be looking to acquire him in trade talks.

Deciding which prospects to keep and which ones to gamble with losing isn't always easy but that's what GM Matt Arnold will be facing over the next month as he mulls over trade proposals.

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