Brewers: 3 Prospects To Protect From Rule 5 Draft, 3 To Leave Off The Roster

Which Brewers prospects should garner protection from the annual Rule 5 Draft?
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Brewers prospect to protect #3 - SS Freddy Zamora

When the Brewers drafted Freddy Zamora in the 2nd round of the 202 Draft, they felt he was a first round talent that fell due to injuries and were thrilled to get him. He had a great 2021 season, but then an injury took out most of his 2022 season. Zamora bounced back in 2023 in Double-A.

Zamora was solid, if not spectacular this season. He hit .255 with seven homers and 17 stolen bases. He also had a .713 OPS. While his numbers this year didn't jump off the page, he may still be worthy of protecting.

Zamora plays shortstop, a premium position, and putting up steady, solid numbers offensively at that spot is something that is quite valuable. He's likely to start at Triple-A next season and the Brewers may be stocking up on shortstop depth. With reports that the Brewers could be selling from their big league roster this offseason, Willy Adames is a logical trade candidate. If that happens, Brice Turang likely moves over to shortstop, but if he can't produce offensively, who is the next man up at the position? Freddy Zamora is the next closest shortstop to the bigs in this organization, which could warrant him needing to be protected.

It's not a guarantee that Zamora is worthy of a 40 man roster spot ahead of the deadline, but he's a name that should earn strong consideration.

Brewers prospect to leave off the roster #3 - 3B Zavier Warren

This is the Rule 5 year for 2020 Draftees out of college and the Brewers only have two of those players left, Zamora and 3rd rounder Zavier Warren. 1st rounder Garrett Mitchell and 4th rounder Joey Wiemer are already on the 40 man roster while 5th rounder Hayden Cantrelle was traded away.

Zavier Warren has not lived up to his pedigree as an on-base machine. He had an OBP over .500 in college at Central Michigan. The switch hitter struggled to a .238/.328/.403 slash line in his minor league career. He's shown some solid power, hitting at least 12 homers in each of his three minor league seasons and had 15 homers this year.

Defensively, Zamora was drafted as a catcher, but that hasn't worked out. He played shortstop in college, but didn't stick there, the Brewers put him at third base but he played the majority of innings this year at first base. He continues to move down the defensive spectrum and the offense just isn't enough to warrant carrying a likely first-base only defensive profile on the 40 man roster.