Brewers: 3 Reasons Fans Should Be Excited About The 2023 Season

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The 2023 Brewers regular season is finally here! The offseason has been long but it has come to an end and we have meaningful baseball back in our lives once more.

After the way the 2022 season ended, the offseason felt incredibly long and many fans may not feel quite as excited about the 2023 season given how last year ended. But there's plenty of reasons to be optimistic and overall excited about this year.

Here are three reasons to be excited about the Brewers 2023 season.

Reason to be excited #1: "The Freshmen"

The Brewers have been putting out their video series called "The Freshmen" following top prospects Garrett Mitchell, Brice Turang, Sal Frelick, and Joey Wiemer. These four hyped prospects will be making up the core of the Brewers lineup for years to come and they are finally arriving.

Garrett Mitchell first arrived late last season and he enters the 2023 season as the starting centerfielder. Brice Turang was added to the 40 man over the offseason and has made the Opening Day roster. He will figure into the second base mix prominently and could backup at shortstop and even centerfield.

Sal Frelick and Joey Wiemer didn't make the Opening Day roster, but it shouldn't be too long before we see them make their debuts as well.

These aren't just your run of the mill rookies, these guys are the cream of the crop of the Brewers farm system. They are tooled up across the board. Mitchell and Frelick bring excellent defense in centerfield, Wiemer is outstanding in right field, and Turang is as good as it gets in the middle infield. Wiemer will hit moonshot home runs, Mitchell has some big raw power as well, and Turang has improving power. Sal Frelick could be a .300 hitter and the leadoff man for the next several years.

On top of all that, every one of these guys has blazing speed. Every single one stole 30 or more bases. With the new rules in place at the big league level this year aimed to increase stolen bases, they will be running all over the place, adding another dimension to the Brewers offense.

These are exciting young hitting prospects arriving all at the same time like Brewers fans haven't seen since the mid-2000s. Brice Turang is the highest ranked Brewers prospect to make the Opening Day roster since JJ Hardy.