Brewers: 3 Rule 5 Prospects the Crew Could Select, 3 They Could Have Taken from Them

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As MLB's Winter Meetings continue to take place this week, one of the next opportunities for the Milwaukee Brewers to add to their major league roster is almost here.

After not taking place in 2021 as baseball was in the middle of a lockout, the MLB Rule 5 Draft is back this offseason. With it the main portion of it comes the ability for teams to add minor league players who are possibly MLB ready to their 26-man rosters, though the opposite can also take place.

Teams had the ability to protect eligible minor leaguers in their system from this draft by adding them to their 40-man rosters earlier this fall. The Brewers did that with four such players earlier this fall when they added infielders Brice Turang and Jon Singleton as well as pitchers Abner Uribe and Cam Robinson to the 40-man.

The Brewers could further add to their roster by way of this week's MLB Rule 5 Draft, though they could lose some players as well.

For those who are unfamiliar with the process, teams who select a player in the major league portion of the Rule 5 Draft are required to carry that player on their 26-man roster for the season. If things don't work out, that player can be put on waivers, but if they clear waivers then they must be offered back to their original team. That player can be put on the IL during the season, but if they don't end up being active for at least 90 days, they must be offered back as well.

The Brewers haven't traditionally made a ton of Rule 5 picks, though some fans probably remember the infamous selection of Wei-Chung Wang back in 2013. Let's just say that the pick didn't work out super well for Milwaukee.

But our focus is on 2022 and there are bunch of minor leaguers out there who are prime candidates to be selected in this year's Rule 5 draft by teams besides just the Brewers. Some of them are from Milwaukee's own organization.