Brewers: 3 Things That Should Be On Matt Arnold's To-Do List At Winter Meetings

Jul 27, 2020; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA;  A Milwaukee Brewers hat and glove on the dugout rail
Jul 27, 2020; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; A Milwaukee Brewers hat and glove on the dugout rail / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Brewers Winter Meetings To-Do #2: Find a trade partner for Keston Hiura

These two sides need to go their separate ways. The Brewers and Keston Hiura have just not been able to make it work. He's struggled for three years now, his strikeout problem is only getting worse, and now he's out of a position, it's time to find a new home for Hiura.

With the addition of Jesse Winker to most likely be the primary DH, there are no positions left for Keston Hiura on this roster. He won't get the regular at-bats he needs to be a productive hitter, but he could find it someplace else. He won't play second base, he won't play much at first base, he isn't a good everyday DH option, and he won't command time in left field either.

Hiura is of little value to the Brewers in a bench role, especially when he doesn't hit left-handers well. The upside and talent is hidden in there somewhere, but it should be up to someone else to try to find it at this point.

It doesn't really even matter that much what Hiura is traded for. The Brewers know they'll be selling low on him, but as long as he's in their possession, his value isn't going to be jumping back up. The only way it can is by a change of scenery.

With his talent and history, there will be some team that will take a chance on Hiura returning to form, likely a rebuilding club with plenty of at-bats to give him to figure things out.

What Arnold needs to do is go around to every team, gauge their interest in Hiura, build a market for him, and try to get as good a deal as possible. Maybe he can get back someone who can contribute to the big league club in 2023, maybe all he can get is a prospect or two in the lower minors. Who knows. But Arnold needs to identify a trade partner for Hiura at the Winter Meetings while everyone is in one place with needs to fill.