Brewers: 3 Trade Deadline Partners Who Have Multiple Players the Crew Needs

These three "sellers" have more than one player that the Brewers could use for their playoff push.
Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds
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Brewers Trade Deadline Partner #3: The Chicago Cubs

Lastly, If those two teams don't pan out, there are the Cubs. They are less likely to help the Brewers out, but if they do, there is Marcus Stroman. On the downside, he would be a rental and probably opt out next year. At $25MM, he is very expensive even for part of a year, but the Brewers need to capitalize on this season to start what could be a dominant decade in Milwaukee with their stockpile of talent coming up. 

Stroman has only allowed six homers this year while striking out 101 batters in 118 innings. He is a one-piece solution to the pitching rotation and will win playoff games. Plus, we already know that he pitches well in Milwaukee.

Kyle Hendricks could also be a valuable back-of-rotation starting pitcher. He is 33 years old with one club option year on his contract. He has a 3.38 ERA with 42 strikeouts in 11 starts this year.

Two Cubs position players the Brewers could use include Yan Gomes, who is hitting .263/.306/.722 with eight home runs in 187 at-bats and has two years left on his contract with a club option in 2024. Plus, Seiya Suzuki is a smart hitter with good base running prowess and an OBP of .334, but he only becomes available if Chicago is in true burn it down mode.

The Brewers will hopefully be making multiple moves at this year's trade deadline. If they can connect with one of these teams, maybe they can get all their sopping done in one place.