Brewers: 3 Under The Radar Trade Deadline Targets

These names might not be generating buzz, but they'd be good moves

Jul 23, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA;  Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell
Jul 23, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
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The Milwaukee Brewers must look for improvements at the 2023 MLB Trade Deadline, and based on previous comments made by the front office, adding responsibly will be the name of the game. Here are 3 moves that could be made that fit this mantra

When determining the route the Brewers will go prior to the deadline, it is clear based on prior comments made by GM Matt Arnold and ace Corbin Burnes that they will be buyers. Talent will be added to this roster, and in clear areas of need. First base, third base, and a bullpen arm are three clear areas to potentially upgrade.

There are a couple of under the radar moves that could pay dividends both in talent additions to this roster, but also in the cost of acquisition cost when it comes to prospects. While we as fans dream of the heavy talent infusion type deals, involving elite talent, that has rarely been the Brewers modus operandi. Plus the Brewers have said they look to add "responsibly" meaning not selling the farm.

The most recent windows (outside of the Hader deal) give us an indication of the level of prospect cost the Brewers are willing to pay while simultaneously giving us insight into the roles said players acquired could play.

Under the radar Brewers Deadline target #1: Tigers RHP Jason Foley

Jason Foley of the Detroit Tigers is the first name up as an under-the-radar type move, the Brewers could make to beef up the bullpen. Foley, since his debut in 2021, has pitched to a 3.08 ERA in 114 games and 114 IP, with 86 strikeouts, and a 1.24 WHIP. Foley has a 5.3 % BB rate and has both a barrel % and chase rate at a level the Brewers tend to seek when looking for bullpen pieces.

Foley has a sinker on Statcast that can hit 97, and a slider that he uses predominantly as an out pitch against right-handed batters, and a changeup as a clear out pitch against lefties. While his slider does have 1.4 inches of movement, it is made even more deceiving when paired with a sinker at three inches of vertical movement.

Foley has a fairly elite pitch mix, and it is backed by a 71% chase rate. Foley paired with the already established 'pen pieces would make for a strength becoming even more elite. Foley is controlled through 2027 as well and would come at a fairly high acquisition cost relatively speaking too.

As Brewers fans are well aware, the farm system is on a huge upswing so any cost will feel substantial, but would a deal of Robert Moore straight up for Foley be doable or would the cost be more? Pierce Johnson of the Rockies was moved to Atalanta for the Braves #10 prospect, and Johnson ran an ERA of 6 at the time of the deal. Would you be agreeable with the Tigers asking for a Top 10 Prospect from the Brewers, while knowing the Brewers system is far deeper and better than the Braves, I do not think the cost comes at that level of prospect.

My trade suggestion:

Brewers send prospects RHP Justin Jarvis and C Matthew Wood to the Tigers for Jason Foley.