Brewers: 3 Under The Radar Trade Deadline Targets

These names might not be generating buzz, but they'd be good moves

Jul 23, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA;  Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell
Jul 23, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
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Under the radar Brewers Trade Deadline target #3: Rays INF Jonathan Aranda

My final under-the-radar move is one I would be quite excited about, and that is a trade for Jonathan Aranda of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Aranda is a 25-year-old, lefty-hitting batter who has played first, second, and third base thus far in the minors in 2023. As of now, Aranda has spent all of 2023 at AAA Durham, minus 4 games and 15 plate appearances for Tampa. While in Durham, Aranda's bat has been on fire, hitting an elite .344/.454./.589, adding 17 HRs and 62 RBIs, it's the level of defense play the Brewers would be all over, as defensively he is outstanding at 2B with great range and hands. Aranda lost his rookie eligibility after the 2022 season.

The necessity of the Rays to add Aranda to their major league lineup however has been lacking, as they do not have the roster space to add him at present time. The Brewers on the other hand would have to be ecstatic adding a multi-postional player with an elite minor league tested bat who just needs reps at the major league level. Aranda also has the minor league results outside of 2023 also showing his bat is not a one-year fluke as his career slash line in 491 games and over 1,700 at bats is .305/.390/.474.

The addition of Aranda would add a layer of offense potential not seen at least in the last few years, and I do not think the Rays are opposed to the idea of moving Aranda in the right deal either. I think the Rays obvious focus will be to buy this trade deadline, and possibly make a significant splash. Would the Rays knowing this, be open to trading Aranda, and replenishing their farm system in the process? Moving Aranda would open up a 40 man roster spot for Tampa that they could use for whoever they want to add in another trade.

The Brewers and Rays made a well-known trade just two years ago so it is highly possible they are able to come to the table again and make a trade well worth the investment. Aranda would be cost-controlled through the 2029 season, and would not hit arbitration until 2027.

My Trade Suggestion:

Brewers send prospects SS Freddy Zamora, 2B Felix Valerio, and LHP Ethan Small to the Tampa Bay Rays for Jonathan Aranda.

All of the aforementioned trades would bring a level of offense that is much needed to a team ranking near last in most offensive metrics and a further level of surety a strength in 2023 in the bullpen.

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