Brewers: 4 Prospects We Could See Called Up Down The Stretch

The Brewers may need more internal reinforcements

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Brewers prospect who could be called up #4: OF Jackson Chourio

The chances may be slim, but there's still a chance the Brewers call upon top prospect Jackson Chourio towards the end of the 2023 season.

Chourio has been lighting up Double-A over the last month, hitting .388 in the month of July. Frankly, a promotion to Triple-A seems overdue. Still, once he does get there, and the Brewers are going to send him to Nashville before Milwaukee, it's only a matter of time until he gets the call.

The Brewers are loaded in the outfield, and the position group has stabilized with the additions of Sal Frelick and Mark Canha. With those two, plus Christian Yelich, Joey Wiemer, and Tyrone Taylor, Milwaukee shouldn't "need" Chourio this year.

However, if the team gets into September, and one or more of the outfield group is struggling and the Brewers need to provide another spark and Chourio is continuing to light it up in the minors, there's going to be a lot of pressure internally and externally to call upon arguably the top prospect in all of baseball.

Even at just 19 years old, Chourio's advanced approach and five tool ability would make him a clear upgrade at whatever position they put him at in the big leagues. The Brewers may elect to take it easy with Chourio and plan on him arriving next season, but in the thrill of a pennant chase, that may go out the window.

It's also possible we could see a Shane McClanahan/Alex Kiriloff situation where he makes his MLB debut in the postseason. The Brewers are in a good spot to make the postseason, and they could add Chourio to the postseason roster in order to add whatever spark they need to make it through October. That would sure be a fun way to introduce Brewers fans and the rest of the league to Chourio.

The Brewers could call upon any of these four prospects down the stretch, or they could call none of them. Bringing up any of them would likely improve this roster and the Crew's chances to win the World Series.