Brewers: 4 Relievers the Brewers could target at the Trade Deadline

These guys could help out the bullpen
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Brewers Trade Deadline Reliever Target: Keynan Middleton, Chicago White Sox

Keynan Middleton is a member of the Chicago White Sox, a team in the same division as Jason Foley of the Detroit Tigers, the first target on this list and are even farther back than their rivals to the northeast. The White Sox currently sit 16 games below .500, Chicago is not likely to shock anyone at the deadline by being buyers, selling is much more likely.

The Chicago White Sox also came in at number 26 on's farm system rankings, lowest of any team's who's players appear on this list, going into the 2023 season, so the White Sox may not just be sellers, they may be desperately trying to off-load every tradeable asset someone is willing to show interest in.

Keynan Middleton is one of the Chicago White Sox most tradeable assets as he is a free agent after the 2023 season, which could potentially drive the price down a bit.

Keynan Middleton has been a rare bright spot to a White Sox team full of salary but lacking substance. Middleton currently has a 3.19 ERA over 31.0 innings pitched. Middleton has also put up a respectable 1.161 WHIP.

Through the first half of the season Middleton has an 11.6 K/9 innings rate and 3.2 BB/9 innings rate, both very reasonable. The only thing that could potentially scare Matt Arnold, the Milwaukee Brewers front office and the fans away from Middleton is that he has given up five home runs this season, a far cry from the three home runs that Jason Foley has given up in 109.1 career innings of work.

By the time the Trade Deadline is over, it's likely the Brewers will have acquired at least one reliever to help out the bullpen. One of these four could very well find themselves in a Brewers uniform by the beginning of August.

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