Brewers: 4 Things That GM Matt Arnold Needs To Accomplish At The Winter Meetings

The Winter Meetings are here and the Brewers have some work to do
Senior Vice President and General Manager Matt Arnold speaks during an an end of season press
Senior Vice President and General Manager Matt Arnold speaks during an an end of season press / Mike De Sisti / The Milwaukee Journal
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4. Clear the outfield logjam

The Brewers have a very good problem to have. They have more big league quality outfielders than they have spots on the roster for all those outfielders. Currently, there are seven outfielders on the 40 man roster and soon to be eight once Jackson Chourio's contract extension is finalized.

Chourio's contract makes it clear the Brewers will be moving forward with him in centerfield. The trio of Garrett Mitchell, Sal Frelick, and Joey Wiemer all either struggled or struggled to stay healthy in 2023 and left the door open for Chourio. Christian Yelich is under contract through 2028 at a minimum so he isn't going anywhere, leaving just one available starting outfield job.

There's also depth pieces like Tyrone Taylor, Blake Perkins, and Chris Roller. Taylor is out of minor league options and could be a trade candidate because of that. However, a trade of one of the big three outfield prospects (Mitchell, Frelick, Wiemer) may be likely because they carry enough value they can bring back a piece or two to help fill the other roster needs mentioned above.

Trading from the outfield surplus to address other needs on the roster seems like a likely course of action for Matt Arnold to take this offseason. They don't have the available budget to buy the roster improvements they need, but they have plenty of trade capital they could use and it's mostly concentrated in the outfield.

Joey Wiemer and Garrett Mitchell may be the likeliest trade candidates of the group. Wiemer had struggles with breaking balls in his first taste of big league action and Mitchell suffered a shoulder injury in April that took out most of his season.

If Brewers GM Matt Arnold is able to accomplish these four things at the 2023 Winter Meetings, it'll be a highly successful four days in Nashville.