Brewers: 4 Trade Deadline Mistakes Matt Arnold Must Avoid At All Costs

These things cannot happen!
Jul 28, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; A detailed view of a Milwaukee Brewers hat and glove on the
Jul 28, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; A detailed view of a Milwaukee Brewers hat and glove on the / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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Deadline mistake to avoid #3: Panicking and making a trade just to make a trade

Last year, it seems David Stearns panicked. He pulled off the Hader trade the day before the Trade Deadline and was looking to line up several other big trades with the extra time he had, but they all fell apart on him. Time was winding down and the big plans weren't coming together. Still, he needed to make another move and couldn't simply leave it at the Hader trade.

So he ends up sending out a solid prospect in Tristan Peters for an injured reliever that hadn't pitched in two years and was still a month away from returning in Trevor Rosenthal. The Brewers could've simply signed Rosenthal as a free agent a month prior and they didn't.

Rosenthal never ended up throwing a pitch for the Brewers because he got hurt again before he could debut, which should've been predictable because he had been injured the last two years. The panic move that didn't need to be made ended up looking like an even worse deal than the Hader trade just the day before.

The Brewers made a panic move at the last minute in 2018 as well, failing to acquire the pitching they wanted, Stearns doubled down on second base, getting Jonathan Schoop from the Orioles. Schoop didn't work out either.

When failing to agree on a price for the players that fit the team's needs as time is winding down, panic can set in and the front office can look to simply make a deal wherever they can make a deal. Most of the time those types of trades haven't worked out for Milwaukee. The Brewers don't have the leverage in that situation and if it's not going to address a need on the team, then the trade doesn't need to be made.

Matt Arnold cannot panic and make a trade that doesn't help the club and gives up valuable prospect capital just because the clock is winding down.