Brewers: 5 Bold Predictions For The 2023 Season

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Bold predictions sometimes have a way of coming true, even if they seem crazy when they're made. Sometimes it's a couple years later, such as our 2019 bold prediction that Corbin Burnes would win the Cy Young. Sometimes only half of a prediction comes true.

Looking back to last season's bold predictions, some sort of came true, while some fell flat. This year, we have a whole new slate of bold predictions with a whole new roster.

The 2023 season is about to get started and everyone is going to begin with the same 0-0 record, and where things go from there, no one will be able to fully predict. With new rules in place across the league, that also changes how the games will go and makes everything even tougher to predict.

Brewers 2023 Bold Prediction #1: Rowdy Tellez becomes a first time All Star

Bring on the Rowdy Tellez breakout season! With the new shift restrictions and solidified playing time, Rowdy Tellez is going to get everyday playing time and a whole lot more opportunities for base hits. Tellez was one of the most shifted against hitters last season and he performed much better without the shift. Taking away the second baseman being in short right field should help bump up not only his batting average but his overall stats.

Those base hits that he should be finding more often now to the right side of the infield will add to his on-base percentage, slugging, OPS, everything. While this won't make Tellez a .300 hitter by any means, every little bit will help.

Also, last season Tellez slugged 35 homers, but it felt like he should've had a lot more. There were countless fly balls that seemed to die on the warning track for him. Perhaps this year with Tellez being a bit stronger and more ready to go, more balls will fly out of the park, improving his stats even more and improving his chances of going to the All Star Game.

Betting on a strong season from Tellez isn't that bold, it's a common prediction actually, but cracking the NL All Star roster as a first baseman will be an uphill climb that I think Tellez will be able to make. There's Paul Goldschmidt, Freddie Freeman, Matt Olson, and Pete Alonso in the NL at the same position and there aren't that many spots on the All Star roster at first base.

But let's remember, the NL first base All Star group was loaded in 2018 when Jesus Aguilar came out of nowhere for an All Star bid, so it's not impossible. I'll call it right now, soon we'll be saying Rowdy Tellez is an All Star.