Brewers: 5 Current Players Who May Be Next On The Trade Block This Offseason

New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers
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The Brewers are not rebuilding, or so they say, but they have been trading away established big league talent in exchange for young, unestablished players. It started with Josh Hader back in August, and the latest move was trading Hunter Renfroe.

Milwaukee is looking to get younger while decreasing it's payroll, hopefully in an effort to free up money for contract extensions for their remaining star players and remain competitive. That has led to rumors about further trades from the big league roster.

Who could be next to go? There have already been rumors about Kolten Wong garnering interest, but he's not the only one with a legit chance to be on the move. Other teams may be looking at Willy Adames, Corbin Burnes, and Brandon Woodruff, but the Brewers can't seriously entertain moving those players and have any expectation to compete in the next two years.

So if the big three aren't trade candidates, which Brewers players are? Here are five current Brewers who could be the next to be traded this offseason.

Brewers trade candidate #1: Kolten Wong

This is the most obvious candidate for the Brewers. Rumors are already percolating about Wong drawing interest and being available. Rival GMs are expecting Wong to be the next to go.

Wong was the Brewers second-best qualified hitter in terms of OPS+ in 2022, behind only Hunter Renfroe, who was just recently traded. He's set to make $10MM next season, which is a reasonable rate for his production but with the Brewers facing a payroll crunch, a large arbitration class, and a cost-effective replacement ready in Brice Turang, Wong could be on the move.

The Seattle Mariners have interest. Other teams that could be in the market for Wong are the White Sox, Phillies, and Red Sox, and potentially more.

Because Wong only has one year left before free agency, the return package may be lighter than most fans would believe.

Chances of being traded: 90%