Brewers: 5 Current Players Who May Be Next On The Trade Block This Offseason

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Brewers trade candidate #2: Victor Caratini

The Brewers may have tendered Caratini a contract for 2023, but that doesn't mean he should be the starting catcher next season. Caratini struggled offensively in the second half, leading to concerns about his ability to be the starting catcher going forward. Omar Narvaez wasn't much better down the stretch, putting the Brewers offense in a tough spot.

Milwaukee should look to upgrade catcher this offseason. They have Mario Feliciano ready to take regular big league reps, but it's doubtful they would hand over the starting reigns to him right off the bat, pun not intended. So the Brewers should pursue a veteran upgrade at the position. The Blue Jays have a couple of catchers available, for example. There's also a World Series champion in Christian Vazquez on the free agent market.

But any sort of outside acquisition would make Caratini an obvious trade candidate.

Brewers GM Matt Arnold has stated that he'd be "open to" adding a backstop with more experience as the primary starter. If they do, Caratini is likely out the door. His $2.8MM salary isn't a motivator for a trade as any experienced upgrade will have a higher salary. But should they bring in that upgrade, there's no reason to pay both whoever that player is and Caratini.

He may not bring back a large return, but the Brewers need an upgrade behind the plate and Caratini would be the odd man out if they do. It's not a guarantee they make an outside addition, though.

Chances of being traded: 75%