Brewers: 5 Free Agent Hitters That Could Help Fix The Offense In 2024

Who could the Brewers sign to help their lineup?
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3. OF/DH Lourdes Gurriel Jr.

While the outfield isn't Milwaukee's biggest need, Lourdes Gurriel has spent plenty of time at DH. He's a quality defender though, and the Brewers don't want to sacrifice defense for offense. Gurriel can provide both, even if he spends a majority of his time at DH if he comes to Milwaukee.

Gurriel is a career 115 OPS+ hitter and he's coming off a career high season in doubles (35) and homers (24). He doesn't draw walks at a particularly high clip but his career .279 batting average and low 19.6% K rate will give the Brewers exactly what they need in their lineup. Average, power, and a low propensity to punch out would be a boost to any lineup.

If the Brewers were to sign the 30 year old, they are likely to have to extend beyond two years, meaning they'll go beyond their comfort zone. However, if there is a hitter in this free agent class that would make sense for them to do that with, it would probably be Gurriel.

Gurriel is sure to draw significant interest on the open market. He's coming off an All Star campaign and being a star hitter on a World Series team in the Diamondbacks helped boost his stock even further.