Brewers: 5 Free Agent Hitters That Could Help Fix The Offense In 2024

Who could the Brewers sign to help their lineup?
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4. DH Jorge Soler

The Brewers didn't have much of a power threat in their lineup in 2023. Willy Adames led the way with just 24 homers and for this offense to be better in 2024, their home run leader has to have more long balls than that. That's where someone like Jorge Soler can come in.

Soler slugged 36 bombs this season while hitting .250 with an .853 OPS for the Miami Marlins. His right handed power would be a perfect addition to the Brewers left-handed heavy offense. Routinely throughout this past year, the Brewers would get their top two hitters on base in Christian Yelich and William Contreras, and then the middle of the order would struggle to drive them in. If Soler was in the middle of that Brewers lineup, that would no longer be much of a concern.

Soler had a player option for $9MM for 2024 that he declined, seeking a higher payday on the open market. Coming off such a strong season, he's going to find that higher payday. Again, this means the Brewers may have to dig into their checkbooks, but if they're going to fix this offense and add some much needed power to the lineup, that's what they're going to have to do.

The Brewers were rumored to be interested in Soler in the past, and now that he's available again and still hitting the ball well, it would make sense for them to be interested in his services once more.