Brewers: 5 MLB Draft Prospects That Fit The Brewers Mold Perfectly

These guys check every box the Brewers want checked
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Draft Prospect That Fits The Brewers #3: Colt Emerson, SS, Glenn (OH) HS

While Colt Emerson is a high school prospect, which isn't normally a characteristic the Brewers target if a college player they like is on the board, he does a lot of things the Brewers tend to like.

Emerson is one of the elite high school bats in this entire draft class, with a sweet left-handed swing that punishes baseballs. The Auburn commit has burgeoning power and can stick up the middle defensively. His hit tool is graded as 'plus'.

The Brewers have historically liked multi-sport athletes. Sal Frelick stood out to them because he was a three sport athlete. Colt Emerson was an All-State wide receiver last year for his high school, which makes his profile even more attractive to Milwaukee.

Emerson doesn't chase, he draws his walks, and is able to square up the ball in every corner of the strike zone. There's no cold spot in the zone for pitchers to exploit against him. He doesn't struggle against breaking balls either.

The range for Emerson goes from late in the first round through the early second round. Taking him at 18 overall might be a bit early, but there's a chance for a possible underslot deal if the Brewers want to make sure they grab him. Otherwise, he could potentially still be on the board long enough to be there at 33 overall. There's risk in hoping he'll fall that far, and he'd likely then be overslot at 33.

The bat and the athleticism fits the Brewers draft mold perfectly and he could convince the Brewers to go with a prep player on Day 1 of the Draft for the first time since 2018.