Brewers: 5 MLB Draft Prospects That Fit The Brewers Mold Perfectly

These guys check every box the Brewers want checked
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Draft Prospect That Fits The Brewers #4: Cole Carrigg, C/SS/OF, San Diego State

The first time I read the scouting report on Cole Carrigg, I was convinced he's going to become a Brewer. He can play all three premium, up the middle positions, he's a switch hitter, and has a cannon for an arm.

Just read this line from MLB Pipeline's write-up on Carrigg:

"Carrigg is a particularly intriguing prospect due to his athleticism and defensive flexibility to go along with his feel to hit. "

Check, check, and check. That's three big boxes checked for the Brewers on Carrigg in just one sentence. They love elite athletes who can play premium, up the middle positions and he can play all three exceptionally well. Carrigg has plus speed, which you don't see often from guys who catch.

Carrigg showcased his arm with 100 MPH throws from the outfield and shortstop at the Draft Combine. Behind the plate, he posted a 1.9 second pop time. That's also elite.

At the plate, Carrigg makes a ton of contact, which cuts into his walk rates, but he also doesn't strike out much either. He won't do a lot of damage when it comes to home run power, but just the ability to put the ball in play like he does is something the Brewers have been targeting in the Draft. He'll have to improve his hard contact rate as a pro, but his natural feel for making contact should make it easier for the Brewers to help him hit the ball harder.

A player like Carrigg would be Craig Counsell's dream come true. He can play anywhere on the diamond and hit from both sides of the plate, making him the perfect guy to match up against any opposing pitcher.

Carrigg could go as early as the CB-A round, but a down spring for SDSU could push him into the 2nd round or even early Day 2 of the Draft.