Brewers: 5 MLB Draft Prospects That Fit The Brewers Mold Perfectly

These guys check every box the Brewers want checked
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Draft Prospect That Fits The Brewers #5: Tommy Troy, SS, Stanford

Tommy Troy is yet another college performer with a standout hit tool. He helped carry Stanford to the College World Series this year and showcased his toolset along the way.

Troy makes a lot of hard contact, regularly barreling the ball with ease. He doesn't strike out much, and posted a spectacular .394/.478/.699 slash line with 17 doubles, 17 homers, and 17 stolen bases. Now that's consistency!

The bat certainly looks like enough to make Troy a regular, everyday player at the next level. Defensively, he can handle shortstop but may end up getting moved to second base, where he'd still be an up the middle player, or he play third base, where his power could be enough to profile at the spot and he played there most of this year for Stanford. Troy is also athletic enough to handle centerfield if he were asked to.

The Brewers love toolsy athletes and that is exactly what Tommy Troy is. His excellent junior season is only going to lead to more positivity about his bat. If he can continue to hit like that, it doesn't matter where he plays defensively, they will find a spot for him.

When the Draft rolls around on Sunday, the Brewers won't be able to draft all five of these players, although they likely would if they could. But these guys make a lot of sense as they fit the Crew's tendencies in the Draft perfectly. The Brewers like certain things in their draft prospects, and these five players have those exact things in their profiles.