Brewers: 5 Players Who Have No Business Being on the Playoff Roster

Once the playoffs start, the only goal is to win at all costs.
Brian Anderson, Milwaukee Brewers
Brian Anderson, Milwaukee Brewers / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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When it comes to the regular season, a bunch of players come and go from the roster over the course of 162 games. That was especially true for the Milwaukee Brewers, who saw nearly 60 different players hit the active roster at different points in the 2023 season.

When it comes to the playoffs, that trend comes to a stop. It is now all about putting the 26 best, healthiest players in the dugout and on the field and giving yourself the best chance to win and advance to the next round.

Soon, the Brewers will have to make decisions on who will be on the roster for a short Wild Card series against whoever it is they end up playing. And there are a handful of players who should not be under consideration for any of those roster spots.

Here are five players who have no business being on the Brewers' playoff roster.

1. 3B Brian Anderson

One of the odder situations of the 2023 Brewers season surrounded third baseman Brian Anderson. After returning from the injured list in August, the veteran was somewhat ghosted as the team made their playoff push, playing in just three games after August 16th.

Some of that was due to the emergence of Andruw Monasterio, who finally provided some offensive consistency at the third base position. It was also due to the acquisition of Josh Donaldson, who joined the team's roster in September and got some playing time at the position himself.

Despite his lack of playing time, Anderson has remained on the active roster down the stretch. It could be that manager Craig Counsell liked having a veteran presence around the team or what he added to the clubhouse culture.

But again, once the playoffs start, the Brewers need every player on the roster to be someone who has the chance to contribute positively if needed. If Anderson doesn't have the chance of even playing in a game, then there's no point in him being on the playoff roster.