Brewers: 5 Players Who Have No Business Being on the Playoff Roster

Once the playoffs start, the only goal is to win at all costs.
Brian Anderson, Milwaukee Brewers
Brian Anderson, Milwaukee Brewers / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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3. SP Julio Teheran

In late May, the Brewers found their starting rotation down Brandon Woodruff and Wade Miley and in desperate need of some reinforcement. One move they made in an attempt to stabilize things was to sign veteran starter Julio Teheran.

Once an elite starter for the Atlanta Braves, Teheran's production went off a cliff in 2020 before being sidelined for most of 2021 due to injury. After being out of the majors entirely in 2022, he was signed to a minor league contract with the Padres earlier this season before being signed by the Brewers in May.

That last change of scenery appeared to be all Teheran needed as he was amazing for the Brewers in his first handful of starts. In his first six starts, he gave up no more than two earned runs, putting up a 1.53 ERA along the way.

Teheran would come crashing back to earth after that before landing on the injured list for most of August and September. He is healthy now and back with the team, but with the starting rotation also back to full health Teheran is now pitching in a bullpen role.

With starting rotations shortened in the playoffs, especially in a short Wild Card round, Teheran won't be needed as a starter in the postseason. And since the Brewers can turn to one of their back end starters in the event that they need a long relief option, he shouldn't be needed on the roster as a reliever either and should be kept off of the roster entirely.