Brewers: 5 Players Who Have No Business Being on the Playoff Roster

Once the playoffs start, the only goal is to win at all costs.
Brian Anderson, Milwaukee Brewers
Brian Anderson, Milwaukee Brewers / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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5. OF Blake Perkins

It was expected by many Brewers fans that there would be a good amount of rookie contributions in 2023. For the most part, it was expected that those contributions, though, would come from players like Garrett Mitchell, Brice Turang, Joey Wiemer, and Sal Frelick.

One rookie who was less expected to contribute was outfielder Blake Perkins. But with Mitchell hurt and the right field position experiencing a severe lack of production, the now 27-year-old got to see Major League playing time for the first time in his career.

Perkins didn't overly help solve the offensive issue in the outfield, offering up a .222/.331/.341 slash line with seven doubles and three homers in 62 games this season. He did, however, provide some extremely strong defense at all three outfield positions. And with pitching and defense being a huge factor in the team's success for most of this season, that was a big help for the Brewers at times.

While there was probably a pretty decent chance of Perkins making the postseason roster just a few weeks ago, that chance got reduced with the potential return of Mitchell. Though the latter is not on the active roster quite yet, he just completed a rehab assignment at Triple-A Nashville and appears to be deemed healthy enough to be added to the roster if needed.

When healthy, Brewers fans have seen the spark that Mitchell can provide. Add that to an outfield that includes Christian Yelich, Tyrone Taylor, Frelick, and Canha, and that doesn't leave room for Perkins to make the roster as well.

There are still five games to play in the regular season and unexpected injuries can still happen. But if they don't, then these five players have no business being on the Brewers' playoff roster when it ends up being announced next week.