Brewers: 5 Things Still Left On Matt Arnold's To-Do List This Offseason

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Brewers remaining to-do list item #2: Find a trade partner for Keston Hiura

It's continuing to look like Keston Hiura is out of a job on this Brewers roster in 2023. They've recently acquired infielder Owen Miller, to go along with another infield acquisition Abraham Toro. Plus there's Mike Brosseau still in the picture.

All three of Hiura, Brosseau, and Miller are right-handed hitters. Toro is a switch-hitter. Every single one of these guys fill the same type of role as bench bats in the infield.

However, Hiura has the least defensive versatility of the group and isn't even a quality defender at the few positions he does play. Also there's the fact that Hiura's offense hasn't lived up to its potential the last three seasons and may not ever do so.

A divorce between Hiura and the Brewers just makes sense. Brosseau, Toro, and Miller all have minor league options remaining while Hiura is out of options. The Brewers have sent Hiura down to Triple-A in the past couple of seasons to get him at-bats because he wasn't able to get regular enough opportunities at the big league level. They won't have the ability to do that in 2023.

For that reason, and several others, Matt Arnold should find a trade partner for Keston Hiura. Send him somewhere he can get opportunities to get back into a groove at the plate because he won't get them in Milwaukee, the Brewers have several other players with similar profiles but fewer flaws that push Hiura down the depth chart.