Brewers: 5 Top Prospects To Keep A Close Eye On In Spring Training

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Brewers Prospect To Watch #3: LHP Robert Gasser

Robert Gasser is the sole remaining original piece of the Josh Hader trade. He was the true prize the Brewers were after in that deal. After acquiring him, he was instantly promoted to Double-A and dominated, earning another promotion to Triple-A a few weeks later.

The Brewers pitching staff is already dealing with injuries as Aaron Ashby and Jason Alexander are out until May. There's enough depth to where Gasser likely won't factor into the Opening Day roster conversation, but that doesn't mean fans shouldn't watch him closely when he pitches.

Gasser is likely to start the season back in Triple-A, but he could be the first name called to fill a spot in the rotation if one opens up due to injury. Ethan Small has been moved to the bullpen and his future likely isn't in the starting rotation anymore. That moves Gasser up the starting pitching depth chart.

Milwaukee targeted Gasser in that Hader deal for a reason. They have shown quite the eye for pitching talent in recent years and if they were willing to do something as unpopular as trading Hader mid-season while in first place to get this guy, they see something special in him.

Watch his stuff this spring. If he's able to show out in spring training, he could find himself in the big leagues sooner than later. Gasser was somewhat struggling with the Padres when the Brewers acquired him and he's been much better since. The pitching lab is right down the hall and if he shows signs of dominance this spring, not only does this bode well for the Brewers pitching staff now and in the future, but it also helps that Hader trade maybe sting a little less.