Brewers: 6 Of The Worst Brewers Trade Deadline Deals In The Last 10 Years

These trades were AWFUL

Minnesota Twins v Milwaukee Brewers
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The MLB Trade Deadline hasn't always been kind to the Milwaukee Brewers, especially in recent years. A lot of the Crew's trade success has come in the offseason, but the Deadline has been a different story.

Mid-season trades are the best way to adjust to your team needs mid-season to compensate for injuries or poor performance of players you were expecting to perform better. It's a way to improve your club for a pennant race and Deadline deals have a major impact on the playoff hunt, for better or worse.

These deals impacted the Brewers in the playoff hunt for the worse.

These are the Brewers six worst Trade Deadline deals over the last decade.

Brewers worst Trade Deadline deal of the last 10 years: #6 - RP Will Smith to the Giants for RHP Phil Bickford and C Andrew Susac

At the time, this trade looked pretty good for the Brewers. Phil Bickford was the Giants top prospect and Susac was a big league ready catcher that Milwaukee acquired at the same deadline where they sent out their starting catcher in Jonathan Lucroy.

However, as time passed, the return for the Brewers did not age well. For the Giants, well, Will Smith turned into a pretty good closer for them for several years.

Phil Bickford dealt with injuries, suspensions, and simply poor production for a while. He finally figured it out for a bit as a reliever, earning a call up to the big leagues, but his outings didn't go well in Milwaukee. Bickford appeared in two games for the Brewers, throwing two innings and allowing six runs. He was placed on waivers and the Dodgers picked him up. He's since been a consistent member of LA's bullpen.

Susac also never really panned out behind the plate. He dealt with a concussion in spring of 2017, losing the up for grab catching jobs to Manny Pina and Jett Bandy. Susac ended up appearing in just 17 games as a Brewer over two seasons and he hit just .172 in those games.

The Brewers got a total of 19 game appearances in the return for a highly sought after and valuable commodity in the high leverage lefty reliever Will Smith. It looked like a solid return at the time, so it's hard to blame the Brewers for making the deal and that's why it only comes in at number 6 on this list.