Brewers: 6 Of The Worst Brewers Trade Deadline Deals In The Last 10 Years

These trades were AWFUL
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Brewers worst Trade Deadline deal of the last 10 years: #5 - 1B Jesus Aguilar to Rays for RHP Jacob Faria

Jesus Aguilar had quite the run in Milwaukee. He went from an unheralded waiver claim in 2017 to a reliable bench bat to an All Star in the span of a year and a half. He got a chance to play everyday in Milwaukee and he was instantly beloved for his big bat and big personality. Aguilar was a major part of the 2018 team's success.

Then, in 2019, Aguilar fell into a slump. Fellow first baseman Eric Thames was also in a slump. The Brewers were faced with a tough situation at the Trade Deadline, needing one of their two first basemen to step up and start hitting. Well, Eric Thames was the first to get a little hot at the plate. Aguilar, was struggling to a ,225 average with a .694 OPS and just eight homers after hitting .274 with and .890 OPS and 35 homers the year before.

Because of his slump and Thames getting going at the plate, the Brewers felt comfortable moving Aguilar to clear position player space and added a pitcher that they desperately needed.

Unfortunately, Jake Faria never turned out to be the pitcher the Brewers were hoping he'd be. Over the final two months, Faria made just nine appearances out of the Brewers bullpen and they didn't go particularly well with an 11.42 ERA. The Brewers sent him down to the minors and despite having years of team control, which is partly why they acquired him in the first place, they ended up releasing him in September 2020.

The Brewers ended up trading a fan favorite for nearly nothing in return. Aguilar went on to have a couple more good seasons, showing the Brewers gave up on him a little too early. Milwaukee declined Eric Thames' option at the end of that year and first base has continued to be a revolving door ever since. Faria hasn't been able to catch on in the big leagues much elsewhere after leaving Milwaukee.

That trade did nothing for the Brewers that year to help them down the stretch and removed a key member of that clubhouse.