Brewers: 6 Of The Worst Brewers Trade Deadline Deals In The Last 10 Years

These trades were AWFUL
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Brewers worst Trade Deadline deal of the last 10 years: #3 - INF Jonathan Schoop from the Orioles for INF Jonathan Villar, RHP Luis Ortiz, and SS Jean Carmona

There was one positive moment for this trade, Jonathan Schoop's grand slam off Madison Bumgarner. That was it. That was the only time Jonathan Schoop did anything productive for the Brewers in his tenure.

In 2018, the Brewers were looking all around for help at the Trade Deadline and were looking for a pitcher. They had just acquired Mike Moustakas a few days prior, moving incumbent third baseman Travis Shaw to second base. The infield need was filled and they were looking for an arm. Unfortunately the prices for starting pitchers were obscenely high that deadline and the Brewers ultimately did not land one because of that.

David Stearns, sensing another move was necessary but unable to make the desired one for pitching, decided to double down on offense and acquired second baseman Jonathan Schoop from the Orioles.

Acquiring Schoop made sense before the Moustakas trade. Afterwards, it seemed like overkill and it didn't work. Shaw and Moustakas handled most of the 2B and 3B duties after Schoop never got going offensively. Yes, they needed to clear out Villar and the prospects they gave up never really turned out to be much, but this trade was quite bad.

Schoop did not adjust well to being traded. Despite the Brewers having an excellent clubhouse culture, Schoop did not mesh well in there, contributing to his lack of on field success. The reason the Brewers paid such a high price to get him was because he had another year of team control. The plan was for him to man second base in 2019 as well since Moustakas was set to be a free agent at the end of the year.

Instead, the Brewers non-tendered Schoop that offseason and ended up re-signing Moustakas on a free agent deal. David Stearns admitted himself the trade didn't work out. If the Brewers had acquired someone who actually could've helped that postseason, perhaps the 2018 playoffs would've gone a little better.