Brewers: 6 Of The Worst Brewers Trade Deadline Deals In The Last 10 Years

These trades were AWFUL
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Brewers worst Trade Deadline deal of the last 10 years: #2 - RP Trevor Rosenthal from the Giants for OF Tristan Peters

This trade was stupid when it was made and it will forever remain stupid. The Brewers, fresh off trading away relief ace Josh Hader the day before, needed to revamp their bullpen. Heading into the day of the Trade Deadline, the Brewers had several things they wanted to accomplish.

Instead, the only thing they accomplished on the final day of the Trade Deadline was acquiring an injured reliever for a solid prospect having a strong season. Trevor Rosenthal hadn't pitched in the big leagues in two years due to injury. They had the opportunity to sign him to a contract weeks prior and did not. They then took on his entire salary and gave up a prospect for the right to do so rather than just paying his salary by signing him in the first place.

When the Brewers acquired him, Rosenthal was still injured and a month away from returning. At best, the Brewers were only going to get Rosenthal for one month at full health and then he'd be a free agent that winter.

Then, on his rehab assignment, Rosenthal got injured yet again and ended up missing the entire season...again. Rosenthal never threw a pitch for the Brewers, and they gave up a solid prospect for absolutely nothing. It doesn't even matter what Tristan Peters turns into as a player. If they traded him, fine, the Brewers outfield is going to be okay without him, but he could've been used as a trade chip for a healthy reliever instead.

This trade is so bad because of how easily avoidable it was. Rosenthal hadn't pitched in two years and he was still hurt and they gave up a solid prospect for a still injured reliever rather than a healthy one. At least when they acquired John Curtiss he was healthy at the time before needing Tommy John surgery six games into his Brewers career. Don't make Deadline trades for injured players. Even if you do, the price should be pennies on the dollar. Rosenthal should've been for just cash if anything at all.

Especially after the Hader trade debacle, this trade is a massive disappointment and one of the worst not only of the last 10 years, but of all time.