Brewers: 7 Manager Candidates To Take Over Now That Craig Counsell Is Gone

Now that Craig Counsell left for the Cubs, who should manage the Brewers?

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Brewers manager candidate #2 - First base coach Quentin Berry

If the Brewers want to go internal and prefer to go younger at the manager spot, Quentin Berry would be a possibility. He's been on the staff a few years, and again is beloved in the clubhouse.

Berry was an outfielder known for his speed. He was picked up by contending teams to be used as a pinch runner on their playoff rosters. The Brewers were one of those teams that picked him up and they brought him into the coaching ranks after he retired from playing. It's a similar career arc to Craig Counsell, ending his playing career in Milwaukee then staying in the organization in some capacity before being moved into the manager's spot, if Berry is indeed the choice.

Counsell was one of those players that was commonly thought of as a future manager and while there may not have been as many voices saying the same about Berry, that doesn't mean he wouldn't make for a quality manager.

Brewers manager candidate #3 - Former Cubs manager David Ross

This would essentially act as a trade. The Cubs took the Brewers manager and dumped David Ross for Counsell. Perhaps the Brewers could pick up Ross to fill their vacancy. It seems like a trade down for the Brewers, though. Ross wasn't the best manager down in Chicago, but it's not like he was a problem for them.

There were many reasons the Cubs fell short of their goals with Ross at the helm and while there were complaints about his managerial style, it's not like Brewers fans didn't have their complaints about Counsell either.

Ross is an unexpected name on the market now. The Cubs were totally content to keep him as their manager until they found Counsell to be available. He hasn't had any interviews with other teams and now that the Brewers have an opening, he could very well be one of the guys Milwaukee calls as their search ramps up.