Brewers: 8 Hitters The Brewers Could Target In The Final Hours Of The MLB Trade Deadline

The Brewers are on the search for one more bat, and it's likely one of these options

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The Milwaukee Brewers are looking for one more bat before the MLB Trade Deadline passes in just a few hours. Some hitters have already been taken off the market and that's leaving a smaller number of options for Matt Arnold to choose from.

The need for another hitter in the Brewers lineup is clear and that appears to be the focus of the front office right now. It's likely that Milwaukee acquires someone in the waning hours of the Deadline. But who could it be.

Ken Rosenthal's latest article seemed to indicate the Brewers are looking at a wide variety of hitters and they plan to get at least one of the popular group of position player targets on the trade market.

Let's run down that list.

These are the eight position players the Milwaukee Brewers are likely to be targeting in the final hours of the trade deadline.

1. Jeimer Candelario, 3B, Nationals

This is the hottest name on the market and there are a reported eight teams involved in talks for Candelario. Once the Nationals are offered the caliber of prospect they're looking for, they'll make the move. In order for the Brewers to stand out in negotiations and get a deal done, they'll have to be comfortable moving a higher caliber of prospect than they're currently willing to.

Candelario's .823 OPS with 30 doubles and 16 homers would be a massive boost to the Brewers lineup. He's an excellent defender as well, making him a perfect fit.

2. Eloy Jimenez, DH, White Sox

While this name wasn't listed in Ken Rosenthal's article, reports are the White Sox are willing to listen on everybody, including Eloy Jimenez. With his several years of team control, acquiring Jimenez won't be cheap, but he'll be a difference maker and a force at DH for years to come.

Because of Jimenez's checkered injury history and DH-only profile, the acquisition cost may be lower than some expect, at least that's what the Brewers will be arguing for. We'll see if Jimenez gets moved, but if he does, the Brewers seem involved in that market.