Brewers: 8 Hitters The Brewers Could Target In The Final Hours Of The MLB Trade Deadline

The Brewers are on the search for one more bat, and it's likely one of these options
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6. Tim Anderson, SS, White Sox

While Rosenthal listed Paul DeJong as a player possibly on the move, I don't see DeJong being the hitter the Brewers acquire. The Cardinals are unlikely to give DeJong to Milwaukee and the Brewers are probably searching elsewhere. We know they're interested in middle infielders and Tim Anderson is another player on the market there.

Anderson has been having a down year in 2023, which may be diminishing his trade value, meaning the Brewers could buy low. There's potential for another year of team control with Anderson and he's likely to be moved to second base for whatever contender he gets moved to, if he moves at all. The Brewers need more offense at second base and even in a down year, Anderson is putting up similar or somewhat better numbers than Brice Turang at the plate.

7. Adam Duvall, OF, Red Sox

Adam Duvall has proven to be a valuable asset in a postseason run and his experience helping the Braves make their World Series run in 2021 would be just what the Brewers need, especially considering Duvall helped eliminate the Brewers that year.

This season, Duvall has been excellent, hitting .261 with an .872 OPS and a 128 OPS+. He can play all over the outfield and can fill in at DH. The Red Sox are down to just a 29% chance to make the playoffs in a loaded AL East and could look to sell.

8. Alex Verdugo, OF, Red Sox

There have been some late reports that the Red Sox could be open to trading Alex Verdugo at the Trade Deadline. Just 27 years old, he's young and controllable for another year after this. He's put up solid numbers in right field for Boston, hitting .272 with a 105 OPS+. Verdugo doesn't have a ton of power, but he's never had a full season with a batting average below .280 in his career. He gets hits and gets on base.

Verdugo may be more unlikely for Milwaukee even though he's a good hitter and would upgrade right field, the Brewers are loaded with young outfielders they don't want to block and paying a fairly high price to get Verdugo for this year and next doesn't seem like a move Milwaukee will make.

These names are what's left of the position player market during the final hours of the MLB Trade Deadline. The Brewers are going to have to narrow down this list, and they probably could shave off a couple names fairly easily. As the minutes wind down on the Trade Deadline, Milwaukee will have to focus on the players they want most and will have to get a deal done.

The Brewers need to get one more bat. They can't let this Deadline go by having only picked up Carlos Santana. If they're getting another bat, it's likely to be one of the eight names on this list.

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