Brewers: 8 Observations from the Crew's 2023 ZiPS projections

Miami Marlins v Milwaukee Brewers
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Corbin Burnes
Miami Marlins v Milwaukee Brewers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

2023 Brewers ZiPS projections observation #3: Pitcher comparisons

In addition to some interesting batter comparisons, some Milwaukee Brewers pitchers were compared to some very big names as well. Starting with Corbin Burnes, who is entering his age 28 season, you saw a comparison to Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole. Verlander at 28 was an All-Star, won the Cy Young and the MVP award in the American League, leading the AL in two categories and all of baseball in seven.

Cole at 28 didn't have quite the accolades of Verlander but still finished with an AL best 2.50 ERA and a ridiculous 316 strikeouts. If Burnes puts up numbers like those two this season, there might need to be a statue erected before the season is over.

There were two relievers for the 2023 Milwaukee Brewers compared to former Brewers relievers, the first being Devin Williams. He was compared to Francisco Rodriguez, better known as "K-Rod," who was on the ballot for the Hall of Fame this year, so anytime you're being compared to a player of that caliber it can only mean good things.

The second was Hoby Milner who I'll talk about more on the next slide.

2023 Brewers ZiPS projections observation #4: Bounce back for Keston Hiura

One thing that stood out to me glaringly is the bounce back projected for Keston Hiura and his power numbers. Fangraphs has a projection for Hiura to hit 21 home runs in 2023, a 50% increase over what he hit in 2022.

I'm not sure anyone has an idea what the Milwaukee Brewers have in store for Keston Hiura in 2023, assuming he's around by the time the season begins, but if he's putting the ball in play with a fair amount of those balls going over the fence, I think that's a projection Brewers fans can live with.