Brewers: Adames Escapes Serious Injury After Scary Moment in Last Night's Game

Willy Adames, Milwaukee Brewers
Willy Adames, Milwaukee Brewers / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Forget about the box score of last night's Milwaukee Brewers loss to the San Francisco Giants for a second. Because in reality, the result of a scary situation from the game could have ended so much worse than it actually did.

The moment in question occurred in the bottom of the second inning with the Brewers down 3-1. Brian Anderson was leading off the inning and was at the plate. On the second pitch of the at bat, he fouled off a pitch that went screaming toward the Milwaukee dugout. Then everyone's heart stopped for a bit.

From the broadcast, all you could see was that a Brewers player was being tended to in the dugout. Anderson, crouching down next to the plate, appeared to be highly distraught. It was soon learned that the player involved was beloved shortstop Willy Adames.

The game would be delayed for a few minutes while the Brewers training staff tended to Adames. Eventually, he would walk to the clubhouse under his own power and the game would continue. A visibly shaken Anderson would finish his at bat by grounding out and everyone else on the team would have to attempt to collect themselves to finish out a night that now felt meaningless.

Word ultimately got around that Adames would leave the stadium to head to a local hospital for further testing. In what was definitely the biggest feeling of relief for the night, the news that came back was close to as positive as it could have been.

Brewers shortstop Willy Adames will head to the IL, but escaped what could have been a very serious injury.

Milwaukee still had seven innings to trudge through after that emotional moment, which they did to the best of their ability. But the team seemed to be clearly affected by matters. Starting pitcher Freddy Peralta lasted just 2.1 innings and gave up double digit runs after seeing his best friend on the team go down. The team committed two errors as well as some other mental lapses on the field.

But eventually the team finally got through it all and got try and put a frightening night behind them. At that point, fans and players alike held their breath as they waited for a more detailed assessment of Adames' condition.

Brewers manager Craig Counsell was the one to give the update after the game. And according to Curt Hogg of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, among others, Adames was alert and responsive all night and had no broken bones as a result of being hit in the head by Anderson's line drive. He would, however, be headed to the IL with a concussion.


Outside of escaping injury altogether, this was about as best case of a scenario as you could get in this situation. But this also leaves a clear void in this team in the short-term moving forward.

It's no secret that Adames is the emotional leader of this club. His smile lights up the dugout, he's often perched at the top of the dugout during his teammates' at bats (which is partially what resulted in last night's fluke accident), and he's most often the first to great them with the celebratory cheesehead after a home run. So you can see why losing him put such a dark cloud over the team.

All that matters is that Adames escaped catastrophe last night, to the relief of fans and players alike. It's just another reminder that some things are bigger than a game.

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