Brewers: After Rhys Hoskins' Injury, Brewers Should Make Trade Offer To Phillies

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In an unfortunate turn of events for the Philadelphia Phillies, starting first baseman Rhys Hoskins badly injured his knee during a spring training game on Thursday and had to be carted off the field. He's going to miss some time this season. With Opening Day just a week away, the Phillies now have a hole at first base. The Brewers could help them out.

With Hoskins out, 27 year old rookie Darick Hall is slated to get most of the reps at first base for the Phillies now. He has 42 MLB games under his belt.

Luke Voit has earned a roster spot, which will push Keston Hiura, who's out of minor league options, out of a spot. With the Brewers pushing back Voit's opt out for roster flexibility, it feels like they're trying to find a suitor for Hiura to trade him and clear space for Voit.

An opportunity looks like it just popped up.

The Brewers should call the Phillies and offer to trade them Keston Hiura to help fill first base after Rhys Hoskins' injury.

While the trade value of Keston Hiura is at an all time low, the Brewers will look to get at least something in return for the former 9th overall pick. They won't want to lose him on waivers for nothing and they need some demand for him to get something in return. The Phillies have some demand for help at first base now.

This is about seizing an opportunity for Brewers GM Matt Arnold. As spring training comes to a close, there's always some injuries somewhere or some guys that get released that could help other teams. There's a lot of roster moving and shaking. Last year at the end of camp, Brewers catcher Pedro Severino got suspended 80 games for PEDs and Milwaukee had to scramble a new catcher solution. Now, the Phillies have to scramble a new first base solution.

Luke Voit's opt out is coming up on Friday. That's tomorrow as this article is written. They have a decision to make there, and the Brewers are likely to add him to the roster. There's also the chance that the Brewers could trade Voit to the Phillies, who may be a more attractive option to them than Keston Hiura.

If I were the Brewers, I'd try to focus talks on Hiura instead of Voit, but the important thing is the Brewers should make the call and start the conversation. Owen Miller is capable at first base as well and could back up Rowdy Tellez if needed. Even if the Brewers end up moving on from Hiura anyway and also trade Voit, they could rely on Miller, who's played well in spring training.

As unfortunate an injury this is for Hoskins and the Phillies, this is a gift of an opportunity for the Brewers to come to a solution with their first base situation. It's a chance to offload Hiura, who likely won't make the Brewers roster. Or, if the Phillies really insist, they could get something for Voit and allow someone like Owen Miller to squeeze onto the roster.

Matt Arnold should be on the phones right now with the Phillies about getting a deal done.

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