Brewers Bench Coach Hints at a Keston Hiura Call Up

Could Hiura be back in the bigs soon?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers
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The Milwaukee Brewers are facing an interesting situation at first base, with injuries and roster changes leaving a void to be filled. As the trade deadline approaches, General Manager Matt Arnold must decide on the best course of action.

One option that has caught the attention of Brewers fans is Keston Hiura, who has been showcasing impressive performance in Triple-A. However, Hiura's struggles against left-handed pitching and high strikeout rates at the major league level remain a concern.

In 57 Triple-A games this season, Hiura has hit 14 home runs with an impressive slash line of .307/.394/.563. His power and ability to get on base make him a strong candidate for the Brewers' lineup. However, during his time in the majors last season, he had a batting average of .226 with 14 home runs and faced difficulties against left-handed pitching.

Speaking on 97.3 The Game, Brewers bench coach Pat Murphy acknowledged Hiura's accomplishments in Triple-A, stating, "He's done everything we asked. I wouldn't be surprised to see him sometime soon." While the bench coach is optimistic about Hiura's potential promotion, he also cautioned that success in Triple-A doesn't always translate to the majors.

Keston Hiura faces significant challenges at the major league level, particularly his struggles against left-handed pitching and high strikeout rates. Despite his impressive performance in Triple-A this season, his difficulties against left-handed pitchers have been evident in the majors, leaving him vulnerable to strategic matchups from opposing teams. Additionally, his high strikeout rates have hindered his consistency in the lineup, limiting his offensive impact. Overcoming these obstacles will be crucial for his success in the majors.

Keston Hiura's struggles against left-handed pitching and high strikeout rates have raised concerns, but he still presents a potential upgrade for the Milwaukee Brewers over current designated hitter Jesse Winker and injured and struggling first baseman Rowdy Tellez.

Winker has struggled with a lackluster slash line of .196/.319/.247 this season, while Tellez has been dealing with both injuries and a significant dip in form, not hitting a home run since May 22nd and slashing .213/.285/.388 this season.

Despite his challenges, Hiura's impressive Triple-A performance and offensive capabilities make him an appealing option to revamp the lineup. The Brewers now face the crucial decision of whether to explore the trade market for a more established upgrade or place their confidence in Hiura's potential to improve and contribute at the major league level.

As the trade deadline draws near, the Brewers must carefully assess their options and consider whether Hiura's Triple-A brilliance can translate into major league success. The coaching staff's guidance and development will be vital in maximizing Hiura's potential and solidifying the first base position for the team's playoff aspirations. Only time will tell if Keston Hiura's promise in Triple-A will pave the way for his emergence as a key player for the Brewers in the major leagues.

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