Brewers: Complete Draft Grades Of The Brewers 2023 Draft Class

How did the Brewers do in this year's draft?
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Brewers Draft Grades - 6th Round - Cooper Pratt, Magnolia Heights (MS) HS

When this pick came in, I audibly gasped. Once we got past the 5th round and Cooper Pratt was still on the board, everyone thought he was going to end up going to college. The Brewers instead scooped up a 1st-2nd round talent in the 6th round.

Pratt fell due to signability concerns, but the Brewers are expecting to sign him. There is true impact potential with the bat. He has the best bat to ball skills of any hitter in this high school class. Pratt drives the ball in the air almost effortlessly. There is plenty of raw power that he doesn't even have to try very hard to tap into.

He's big and strong at 6 foot 4 and 200 pounds and there's room for more muscle to be added. This is the highest upside pick of the Brewers entire draft and he could be the best player from this class in no time. Getting him in the 6th is incredible and being able to sign him will be a coup for the Brewers scouting department.

Grade: A+

Brewers Draft Grades - Rounds 7-10 - The Senior Signs

In order to afford the high upside prepsters Eric Bitonti and Cooper Pratt, the Brewers will need to go well over-slot. Pratt's low slot value of $309,900 means they have a lot of ground to make up to get a deal done. That's where the senior signs come in.

College seniors have no leverage in bonus talks. They aren't able to go back to school and they want to turn pro, so they take whatever bonus teams offer them. Milwaukee went with four straight college seniors to round out Day 2 and save as much slot money as possible.

Tate Kuehner, lefty out of Louisville, has a funky arm slot and has been Louisville's closer at times. The Brewers love themselves a funky lefty and he could legit be a big league reliever.

8th rounder Craig Yoho also has legit big league stuff. He missed the last two seasons with injuries, including Tommy John, but had a 63:19 K/BB ratio. He has a full four pitch mix that misses bats. Don't be surprised if we see him move quickly and help out the Brewers bullpen soon.

9th rounder Mark Manfredi is a big, funky lefty that gets a ton of ground balls and strikeouts. He pitched well in the Cape Cod League. He's another 23 year old relief pitcher that could move to Milwaukee quickly.

10th rounder Morris Austin was the only one of this group I didn't like. He has just 44.1 IP under his belt in three years with 39 walks and 49 Ks. When he has been on the mound, he hasn't been good with a career ERA of 6.50. At least the other options had some amount of success when on the mound. Yes, it's a 10th round senior sign, but surely there were some better ones still on the board.

Grade for Kuehner, Yoho, and Manfredi: A
Grade for Austin: D