Brewers: Complete Draft Grades Of The Brewers 2023 Draft Class

How did the Brewers do in this year's draft?
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Brewers Draft Grades - Day 3 Selections

We're just going to group all of these picks into one because so many of them aren't going to sign. Day 3 of the Draft almost felt like a throwaway for the Brewers. They would've been just fine with the Draft ending after Day 2 based on these picks.

The Brewers selected seven high school players on Day 3. Any signing bonus over $150k among these picks counts against the bonus pool. The Brewers don't have enough bonus pool money to sign all of these guys. They may not have enough to sign two or even one of these guys.

Why do this? The Brewers don't have enough minor league roster spots to add 21 new players. They don't want 21 new players and therefore pick guys they like but know they can't sign. If room opens up, maybe they could, but there just isn't room for 21 new faces.

Milwaukee started with RHP Bishop Letson in the 11th round. He was ranked 179 on MLB Pipeline's big board, so he's a legit target with upside. He has high spin rates, good movement on his pitches, athleticism, all the traits the Brewers desire with their pitchers. Generally, the earlier you pick a player on Day 3, the more confident you are that you can sign him and the more you are trying to sign him. The Brewers weren't confident enough to take him on Day 2, but they can try on Day 3 without worrying if they can't get it done.

Bjorn Johnson in Round 12 is a pitchability lefty. Even though he's an Auburn commit, perhaps the Brewers think he could be signable taking him here. They signed Luke Adams as a 12th rounder last year, so it depends on how much money he wants.

There were a couple of college picks interspersed. Brett Wichrowski in the 13th round out of Bryant University in Rhode Island and Josh Timmerman of Ohio State in the 16th round are the two players from these picks I expect the Brewers to sign. They're more potential relievers but they have a lot of improvement to do to get on the radar for that.

Dylan Watts in the 18th round is another college pick, but a JuCo pick out of Tacoma CC. He's just a freshman and is committed to Auburn after a season with a 0.23 ERA. He'll be a tough sign though.

Jacob Gholston is another highly rated prep pitcher, taken in the 17th round. I don't expect him to sign, but if he does, that's an easy Day 2 talent the Brewers grabbed. A tall (6 foot 6) arm from Texas with athleticism and nasty stuff, Gholston has big upside but a strong commitment to Oklahoma.

At best, the Brewers could probably sign one of these high school picks, maybe two but it's doubtful. Which one they sign will determine the grade. We won't know until the signing deadline on July 25th.

Grade if Brewers sign Letson or Gholston: A-
Grade if Brewers sign Johnson or Watts: B-
Grade if Brewers only sign Wichrowski/Timmerman: D