Brewers: Consulting the Bob Uecker Magic 8-Ball on Some Important Questions

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Will a Milwaukee Brewer win Rookie of the Year?

"U tried the corner and missed"

This one was a bummer to get a definite answer on. The Bob Uecker 8-Ball has spoken, the Milwaukee Brewers will have two candidates on the Opening Day roster competing for NL Rookie of the Year, Garrett Mitchell and Brice Turang. Also, potential call-ups Joey Wiemer and Sal Frelick could vie for the award if they're called up soon enough.

Now, just because the Bob Uecker 8-Ball says one won't win Rookie of the Year doesn't mean they can't finish second, third, fourth and fifth.

Will Joey Wiemer or Sal Frelick be called up before the All-Star break?

"Ask again next inning"

After asking some of the other questions I came back to ask about Joey Wiemer and Sal Frelick.

Will Joey Wiemer be called up before the All-Star break?

"Swing and a miss"

Will Sal Frelick be called up before the All-Star break?

"Sure, why not?"

Based on the answers given, it sounds like the Bob Uecker 8-Ball thinks Sal Frelick will be the next prospect to come to the big leagues for the Milwaukee Brewers. Something to keep an eye on about this prediction becoming a reality is if Sal Frelick starts playing a lot of games in right field at the Triple-A level.

Will Willy Adames lead all shortstops in home runs?


Willy Adames broke a record previously held by Robin Yount last season by breaking the Milwaukee Brewers franchise record for home runs in a season by a shortstop with 31. In 2022, Adames was second only to Corey Seager of the Texas Rangers, who hit 33 home runs as a shortstop. The Bob Uecker 8-Ball seems to believe the 2023 season will be the year Willy Adames comes out on top, certainly a sight Brewers fans would welcome.