Brewers Draft: Five 2024 MLB Draft prospects that fit the Brewers mold perfectly

The Brewers tend to have a type
Oklahoma State's Carson Benge lifts the Most Outstanding...
Oklahoma State's Carson Benge lifts the Most Outstanding... / Eyepix Group/GettyImages
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2. Cam Smith, 3B, Florida State

Sticking with the college bats, Cam Smith had a tremendous 2024 season and his stock is continuing to rise. Smith hit .387/.488/.654 with 24 doubles and 16 homers. He had a nearly even K:BB ratio with 44 walks and 48 strikeouts.

While the Brewers typically prefer up-the-middle players, Matt Arnold has shown a willingness to think outside that box when he picked Brock Wilken last year. The Brewers haven't drafted and developed a third baseman in quite some time, so they may be willing to double down on that position in 2024.

There have been questions about Wilken's ability to stick at third base defensively, but there are no such questions about Smith. He has a plus throwing arm and a solid glove.

The performance that Smith had this year in both the regular season and the NCAA Tournament have dramatically boosted his stock. The concerns about his swing and miss rate from his freshman year have largely gone away and hitting nearly .400 is going to play at any level.

There's going to be a run on college bats in the middle of the first round just like last year. If Smith somehow makes it through that gauntlet and is available to the Brewers at 17, he fits what the Brewers like enough for him to potentially be that selection.