Brewers Draft: Five 2024 MLB Draft prospects that fit the Brewers mold perfectly

The Brewers tend to have a type
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3. Braylon Doughty, RHP, Chapparal (CA) HS

The Brewers have tended to shy away from high school pitching with their first round pick. They haven't taken a prep arm to lead their class since the Kodi Medeiros disaster of 2014. It is a risky demographic.

That didn't stop the Brewers from dipping into that group last year with Josh Knoth with their Comp A selection. I could very easily see them go that route again in Comp A with Braylon Doughty.

Braylon Doughty screams a Brewers target so much, it's almost absurd. He played on the Brewers Area Code Games roster. The same showcase that Christian Yelich, Mike Moustakas, Tyrone Taylor, Trevor Megill, Brice Turang, Garrett Mitchell, Eric Bitonti, and so many others played in. The Brewers know Doughty very well because of this.

Doughty is one of the best spinners of the baseball in this class. He holds elite spin rates, north of 3,000 RPM on his breaking balls. He's athletic, has solid command, and impact velocity, sitting in the mid-90s on his fastball.

On top of that, in MLB Pipeline's write up of Doughty, they say he has a great makeup and was "a sponge for pitching knowledge", which, considering his coaching staff was entirely made of Brewers scouts, bodes well for Milwaukee wanting him in the Draft.

The Brewers have a pretty big bonus pool this year and they can afford to float Doughty down to 34th overall. That's around the range he's set to go in, but some other teams may try to jump the Brewers. They can put out a number to get him down to that pick if need be.

The upside with Doughty is tremendous. The sky is the limit for what the Brewers pitching lab can do with his arsenal. The present stuff, ability to spin, athleticism, and familiarity with the Brewers make him a perfect fit in the 2024 Draft.